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About Eugene Area Parks

Guide to Eugene and Springfield Oregon parks and scenic outdoor areas.

Welcome to Eugene Area Parks. We hope this guide to all your favorite Eugene and Springfield Oregon parks is informative and inspirational. Our goal is to be your one stop for learning about all the beautiful parks and outdoor recreation areas here in Lane County Oregon. We encourage our visitors to contribute to the success of this valuable resource through comment, content contribution, notification of errors and word of mouth to promote our website. Enjoy your visit to Eugene Area Parks and please visit again in the future to see all the new additions as the website grows.


Eugene Area Parks was created by Brian and maintained with help by Kristin. This project is ongoing and is still changing and growing. We are using some of the latest web technology. A fast connection and modern browser (IE7+, Fire Fox, Safari, Chrome) are recomended.


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Eugene Area Parks is not affiliated with any city, county or state parks department or governmental body. It is purely a personal project to help inform the public and may contain erors and omissions.


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