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Acorn Park (West Eugene)
Alton Baker Boat Ramp (Willamette River)
Alton Baker Dog Park (Willamette River)
Alton Baker Park (Willamette River)
Amazon Park (South Eugene)
Armitage Park (North Eugene)
Arrow Head Quail Ridge Park (Santa Clara)
Ascot Park (North Eugene)
Avery Park (Corvallis)
Awbrey Park (Santa Clara)
Bailey Park (Junction City)
Balboa Park (Bethel)
Bellknap Springs (Mckenzie River)
Berkley Park (West Eugene)
Bethel Community Park (Bethel)
Bramblewood Park (Santa Clara)
Browns Landing Park (North)
Camp Harlow (North Eugene)
Candlelight Park (Bethel)
Charnel Mulligan Park (West Eugene)
Christensen Landing Park (North)
Churchill Sports Park (North Eugene)
Clearwater Park (South Springfield)
Cottage Grove lake (Cottage Grove)
Cougar -Terwilliger Hot Springs (Mckenzie River)
Country Inn (North Eugene)
Country Ln Park (North Eugene)
Cuthburt Amphitheater (Willamette River)
Day Memorial Park (Junction City)
Delta Ponds Park (North Eugene)
Dexter Reservoir (South-East)
Dorena Lake (Cottage Grove)
Dorris Ranch (South Springfield)
East Bank Park (Willamette River)
East Gate Woodlands (Willamette River)
Echo Hollow Park (Bethel)
Edgewood Park (South Eugene)
Elija Bristow State Park (South-East)
Emerald Park (Santa Clara)
Empire Park (Bethel)
Ewillow Corner Park (West Eugene)
Fairmount Park (Downtown Eugene)
Fall Creek Reservoir (South-East)
Fern Ridge Path (West Eugene)
Franklin Park (Willamette River)
Friendly Park (West Eugene)
Garfield Park (West Eugene)
Glen Oak Park (South Eugene)
Golden Gardens Park (Bethel)
Guy Lee Park (North Springfield)
Hawkins Heights Park (West Eugene)
Hendricks Park (East Eugene)
Hileman Landing Park (North Eugene)
Honeyman State Park (Coast)
Irwin Park (Bethel)
Island Park (Willamette River)
James Park (Glenwood)
Jefferson Park (West Eugene)
Kelly Butte Park (Central Springfield)
Kincaid Park (South Eugene)
Lafferty Park (South Eugene)
Laurel Park (Junction City)
Lively Park (Thurston)
Mangan Park (Bethel)
Martin Luthar King Jr Park (West Eugene)
Maurie Jacobs Park (Willamette River)
Mckenzie River Trail (Mckenzie River)
Meadow Park (Central Springfield)
Melvin Miller Park (West Eugene)
Millrace Park (East Eugene)
Monroe Park (West Eugene)
Morse Ranch Park (South Eugene)
Mt. Pisgah (Buford Recreation Area)
Norma Pfeiffer Park (Coburg)
Nudist Beach (Buford Recreation Area)
Oakmont Park (North Eugene)
Old Mckenzie Highway- Mckenzie pass (Mckenzie River)
Orchard Point (Fern Ridge Reservoir)
Owen Rose Garden (Willamette River)
Park Blocks (Downtown Eugene)
Perkins Peninsula Park (Fern Ridge Reservoir)
Petersen Park (Bethel)
Pioneer Cemetery (East Eugene)
Richardson Park (Fern Ridge Reservoir)
Ridgeline Trail (South Eugene)
River Bank Trail (Willamette River)
Riverfront Research Park (Willamette River)
Royal Delle Park (North Springfield)
Shadow Wood Park (South Eugene)
Sheldon Park (North Eugene)
Skinner Butte Lookout (Downtown Eugene)
Skinner Butte Park (Willamette River)
Skyview Park (West Eugene)
Sladden Park (Downtown Eugene)
Spencer Butte (South Eugene)
State Street Park (Bethel)
Thurston Park (Thurston)
Trainsong Park (Bethel)
Triangle Lake (Triangle Lake)
University of Oregon (East Eugene)
University Park (Downtown Eugene)
Walnut Grove Park (Santa Clara)
Washburn Park (Downtown Eugene)
Washburne Park (Junction City)
Washington Park (South Eugene)
Washington-Jefferson Bridge Park (Downtown Eugene)
West Bank Park (Willamette River)
Westmorland Park (West Eugene)
Willamalane Park (Central Springfield)
Willamette Heights Park (South Springfield)
Willis Park (South Eugene)
Zumwalt Park (Fern Ridge Reservoir)
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