Alton Baker Park

Size: A, Beauty: B, Activities: A, Overall: A
Featuring duck ponds, trails for running, biking or walking, a dog park, picnic areas, amphitheater and a small scale model of our solar system, Alton Baker Park is one of the most popular and multi functional parks in Eugene. It was named after one of the first founders of the Register guard and is officially the largest park in Eugene.

The park is located on the north bank of the Willamette river just east of the Ferry Street Bridge and Coburg Road. The park is accessible by foot or bike from either side of the river via the River Bank Trails. By car you can enter via the Club road underpass off Coburg road or from Autzen Stadium off MLK/Centennial.

The main part of the park is where the Patterson Slough empties into the Willamette via a large duck pond with a small island in the middle. The beautiful Defazio footbridge connects both sides of the Willamette with the extensive River Bank Trail. Further into the park is the Cuthburt Amphitheater which features outdoor musical shows during the Summer season. Further down the trail from Cuthburt, Autzen stadium is also accessible. Canoes can be rented during the summer and one can catch a variety of wildlife here especially of the bird variety. Many other amusements are accessible throughout the park including the science factory, a dog park, a BMX bike racing path and community gardens.

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