Spencer Butte

Size: A, Beauty: B, Activities: C, Overall: B+

Spencer's Butte is a Eugene skyline landmark. The park features some of the best scenery and hiking in the area and is topped off with a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley. You can see all the way from the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Spencer Butte is a prominent landmark in Lane County, Oregon, United States, on the southern edge of Eugene, with an elevation of 2055 feet (626 m). Spencer Butte is accessible from Spencer Butte Park and has several hiking trails to the summit. The tree cover on the butte is predominantly Douglas-fir, however the butte is treeless at its summit.The butte is the tallest point visible when looking south from downtown Eugene.

The butte was called Champ-a te or Cham-o-tee by the native Kalapuya, meaning rattlesnake.

One popular theory is that Spencer Butte was named for a young Englishman of the Hudson Bay Company named Spencer, who was said to have been killed by the Kalapuya after climbing the hill alone. Another holds that it was named after Secretary of War John C. Spencer in July 1845.

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