Skinner Butte Park

Size: A, Beauty: C, Activities: B, Overall: B+

One of Eugene's largest and most popular parks. Skinner Butte Park features a beautiful grassy setting that follows along the south side of the Willamette river with the river bike path, a new playground and Skinners Butte which overlooks most of downtown Eugene.

The park is a popular site for rockclimbing (on "The Columns" the site of a former basalt quarry on the west side of the butte that operated from the 1890s through the 1930s) and birding, among other recreational activities. In July 2006, the City of Eugene opened a new playground, RiverPlay Discovery Village Playground, in the park.

Skinner Butte Park was dedicated in 1914. According to the Register-Guard, "at one point, the park...included a car camp, a zoo and, during the Depression, a Civilian Conservation Corps regional camp."

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